‘You say nothing, you speak of no one, we hear each other breathe’: Eight poems by Anupama Raju, Scroll, November 2020.

Samyukta Poetry, May 2020

Can the body be a metaphor of protest? These poems by four women poets show us how curated by Anupama Raju, with poetry by Karthika Naïr, Priya Sarukkai Chabria, K Srilata, and Anupama, Scroll.

Poetry at Sangam features several of Anupama’s poems: Disorient Express, Everyday Sounds, Five Couplets for what has gone by, Nightless Night, The Memory Maker, The Time Eater, and Your Hands.

The Caravan carries a few of Anupama’s older poems.

Mint features two early poems: A Folk Song and Bougainvillea.

Stories and Aftermath are featured in Pratilipi.

Unisun Publications and British Council awarded the poem Sounds of the Past the Second Prize in the Unisun Poetry Competition 2006, and published it in Winners: A Collection of Prize-winning Poems and Stories, Volume 2.

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